Thursday, January 14

How can a new act stand out from the crowd?

So many artists are battling for the online exposure. Which is why it is difficult to filter through all the white noise, and makes trusted sources more important than ever.

On Monday, the Featured Artist Coalition held a technology showcase to help artists find new ways of getting their music to the public. The heads of companies like Spotify, SongKick and SoundCloud made short presentations before taking questions from the audience. One artist asked: "You all have great ideas, but how can I make sure that my music manages to break through 95% of rubbish that's clogging up the internet?" After one of the panellists admitted that the majority of music on his service was, indeed, rubbish, they all agreed that this was a problem for which no one has been able to find a proper solution.

It's been a while since people realised that having thousands of "friends" on MySpace doesn't provide much promotional power. YouTube has millions of videos battling for eyeballs and, as with Spotify, most are directed towards music that they already know or which has been suggested by friends or the media. Presented with endless options vying for your attention, filtering is more important than ever.

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