Sunday, December 6

Start Your Own Scene

I always hear artist/bands complain about the lack of a particular music scene where they live. Rarely do I see people follow up and do something about it. If there is going to be a scene, someone needs to have the vision and initiative to start it. Sometimes we get caught up in looking for the next big thing instead of maturing a scene already on the rise. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Start you journey by searching inexpensive venues. Three factors to consider are:

3)willing to give you freedom to set up your own show

The other important factor is bringing in other acts to play with you. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you start putting together shows that you’re genuinely excited about. If you’re excited about the shows you put together then that excitement will translate to your fans. When you consistently put together fun and exciting shows you’ll see the beginnings of a new scene. Other bands will want to be a part of it and you won’t have to beg people to come to your shows. You’ll just need to tell them when they are.

When you put on shows with artist/bands who know each other and who have fun together then people will actually be interested in staying for the entire show. They’ll leave happy without having spent too much and the acts can actually make some money too. Its nothing but a positive movement at the end of the day for all parties involved.

Having total control of the show allows you to step outside the box. You can have a comedian or a magician open for you. Be creative and challenge the norm! It’s your show. Have fun with it!

The idea is to bring people together in a way that’s a win win for everyone. If everybody wins then everybody will want to be a part of your shows in the future. If you want to create a scene, forget about the big expensive venues that don’t care about you, book 6 unrelated acts a night, don’t pay you and that your fans can only afford to go to on special occasions. Instead, find a fun place that’s receptive to the idea of letting you come in and put on your own inexpensive shows. It’s an opportunity for everyone – the venue owner wants more customers, you’ve got fans and you know other bands who have fans (you just need a willing venue), and the fans have a few hours and a reasonable amount of money to spend, and they want good entertainment.

If you can create the scene, everyone will consider you the savior. There are no victories in complaining. Don't make excuses for the environment. Create and add to it. Amazing things can happen when you've got the vision to bring people together.

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  1. I think that this is a great way off getting some great expirience out of performing, and actually getting a feel of how people respond to you and your music.

  2. lorin Robinson said....

    I will try to start my own scene. I will take this information and build off it to establish my own music showcase in my city.


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