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Recap Of IdOMusic® December

Written by ThatGirlDe J

On December 3rd Vinyl was filled with artists, producers, managers, and a crowd of others anxious to gain knowledge about the music industry. Our topic this month, “Tips On How To Successfully Book and Manage an Independent Tour,” kept everyone engaged because all artists need maximum exposure for maximum success.

Alan Floyd-Tour Manager, Beyonce
K.Woods- Tour Manager, Raekwon
Mel Carter-Manager, Raekwon
DJ Rasta Root-DJ, Phife from A Tribe Called Quest, Road Manager, Dwele
Amir Boyd- Marketing & Promotions @ Grand Hustle
Clay Evans, Tour Manager, T.I., VP @ Grand Hustle

Panel Notes:
A tour first begins with a great artist then a budget is necessary to ensure costs will be covered. The last step is to create the perfect route for the artist to take based off the artist’s popularity in different cities. On tour artists need to connect with the DJs of the different cities to spread their music as far as possible. Remember…always leave a particular market with something from you to gain exposure. The budget typically controls how big a tour is going to be, but some artists (like Beyonce, Jay-Z, etc.) trump the budget and can tour and do whatever they want. Funding a tour can be costly, but artists must gain money however and from WHOM ever they can. Similar brands can benefit each other (i.e., a clothing brand could sponsor a band/artist’s tour if they have similar customers). A key theme of the evening was simply to “Get your hustle on!” Be creative about funding for the tour. It’s what you believe in and how you hustle that will get you on. Great tip for tour promotion: Build relationships with bloggers & agents. Bloggers will promote for you, and agents can help get you on a tour. The best tools you can use to help with planning a tour are Master Tour Database (which can be expensive), a company called, and a very trusted Blackberry.

After the panel discussion:
The panel energized the crowd, and the main event was underway: NETWORKING! Whether you are a producer looking for the perfect artist to lay down a record or a manager looking for the right stylist to complete your artist’s new image, this segment is devoted to help you help yourself. Every month various people interact with each other in an effort to collectively make better music and do better business. Najasism, one of our very own spotlight performances, credited IdOMusic® for completely gathering his personal team. Networking will definitely make or break you as an artist.

Spotlight performances captivated the crowd with an array of producers, artists, and a very unique drummer. We had hard-hitting, bass-dropping producers such as Brel Clark, Joe Gus, 2 Aries, and Brad Taylor who had the whole crowd nodding their heads to the beat. Tru Skyy was the first artist up followed by Cato who simply gave a phenomenal performance! The drummer, Fingers, who has patented a very unique way of playing the drums using a drum machine as opposed to a traditional drum set, & his friends were up next. His show definitely left the crowd in awe. It was obvious that by far the most theatrical performance of the evening was Najasism. Our feature performance of the evening was Haziq. This artist is a great lyricist who roared on the mic. Hailing from D.C., this guy is following in the footsteps of Wale and already has a growing following. Singer/songwriter Trina Mashell was up next with her soulful song “No Pass Interference.” Jus Nice was the last but certainly not least performance. This artist had an absolutely show stopping performance with his high energy and great song. We'll definitely be bringing him back soon!

This month’s installment of I dO Music will most definitely make 2009 go out with a BANG! The new year is guaranteed to bring a lot of new surprises to the entire music industry. Join us as we continue to Empower Musicians WORLDWIDE!

Spotlight Contacts On Twitter:
Brel Clark (Producer): @BreezyBeats
Joe Gus (Producer): @JoeGus06
Tru Skyy (Artist/Songwriter): @TruSkyy
Cato (Artist): @CatoMusic
Brad Taylor (Producer): @TaylorMadeIt1
2 Aries (Producers): @2Ariespro
Najasism (Artist): @Najasism
Haziq (Artist): @Haziq
Trina Mashell (Singer/Songwriter): @TrinaMashell
Jus Nice (Artist): @jusnice

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