Monday, November 23

Upgrade Your Passion

At the last I dO Music event a company called Open Labs showed off some of their latest equipment. In short, Open Labs is a company that helps artists, producers, and songwriters create music anywhere! Their workstations are known for leading the industry in innovation and quality. For example the Neko XXL is one of the newest devices created by Open Labs. The Neko XXL is the ultimate portable studio. It has everything you would have in your home setup all in this one, easy to use device. The Neko XXL has enough space on its built-in hard drive for you to install software like Protools and save all of your music, and it won't loose an ounce of processing speed. Your know the saying... "you have to pay to play" ... Open Labs as well as other companies like it is giving you an open invitation to upgrade your passion. Its your job as musicians to take advantage!

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Written by Bakarri B.

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  1. hey I DO Music, thanks for the blurb about Open Labs. Just so you know, the XXL is really not that portable. Relative to an SSL Console it is mega portable, but the DBeat and Miko series products are ideally suited for the producer on the go and MUCH more portable. The XXL represents the flagship product.

    learn more about these killer boxes here:


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