Tuesday, November 17

"Quested: The Finest Studio Monitors in the World"

When he took over the management of DJM studios in the early eighties, Roger pursued his passion for accurate monitoring by developing a soft-dome monitor system that would deliver the high sound pressure levels demanded by clients with a clarity surpassing that only previously available in the best Hi-Fi speakers. These monitors quickly established themselves as a firm favourite with visiting engineers and producers, becoming prototypes for the Q215.

Requests from other recording complexes to design similar monitors for them started to arrive, the first being from London’s Rooster Studios. The Q215 was too large for the facility so the Q212 was born. Demand grew to such an extent that Roger decided to take the plunge and he started Quested Monitoring Systems.

Quested Monitoring System’s soft-dome designs have been imitated the world over but never equalled. To this day Roger continues to develop new monitor designs while maintaining close working relationships with engineers, producers, studios, driver manufacturers and electronics designers to produce the finest studio monitors in the world.

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