Saturday, November 7

Now That's "Brand Power!"

"Branding" is quickly becoming the most used "buzz word" in our beloved music business. From personal branding to record label and artist branding, marketing people everywhere are trying desperately to access the power of a successful branding campaign. "IdOMusic" is a great example of what branding can do... After coming across our popular "IdOMusic" flyers, Anthony Evans, a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta actually tattooed our logo to his hand! Now that's what I call "brand power!" All I can say is Wow! You can't pay for that type of advertising and consumer loyalty! Take note... there's no limit to the things you can do when you have a powerful brand. Just think about what comes to mind when you think "Apple" or "Microsoft" or "Universal Music Group" or "Def Jam" or "Patchwerk". These brands have power and so can yours. Kudos to the entire "IdOMusic" team for executing their branding campaign so well!

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  1. Wow!!!!! I didn't get a chance to speak with him at I dO Music but I need to link. That is awesome!!!!! Needs to join the illest Team in da world....yeap TeamWERK.


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