Friday, October 23

Songwriting 101: Keep The Rhythm

One last tip that serves as an additional way to make your songs both memorable and identifiable is adding melodic or rhythmic hooks into your compositions.

Melodic and Rhythmic Hooks

When you insert little motifs into your writing, your listener will get that little musical idea stuck in their head and want to listen to your song again. Also, if someone was scanning through the radio and they heard your hooky melodic guitar line, they would automatically know what song it was and they would stop and listen. Little musical hooks are an excellent way to make your song distinguishable and recognizable among the many other songs that people hear from day to day.
Currently, many rap songs use this tool and stick in little samples or guitar riffs that cycle throughout the song and get stuck in the listener’s head.

Fundamentally, just having a good beat behind your song is a very subtle way to get people moving to your music. People like feeling safe inside the time and groove of a song. If you are struggling when writing a song, try adding a drum beat behind your progression and see where it takes your writing. You may just find a great groove to support your melody and lyrics.

Overall, adding hooky musical ideas or cool grooves to your songs is a tool that will give your writing an advantage over many other songs being marketed today. If you’ve got a strong song that stands pretty well on its own, one of these tips might be just what you need to unify and enhance the song’s message to achieve an even greater degree.

After years of writing hit songs, many artists have the ability to write and record in a variety of styles and structures. Furthermore, their fans enjoy it because they have a history with that artist and appreciate their musical experiments. As an up and coming songwriter in today’s music industry, it is best to make your songs as commercially acceptable and radio-friendly as possible. In addition, songs that are well structured and have an easily accessible and relatable message are usually the best songs to be featured in movies and television.

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  1. I whole heartily agree. I find myself for writing for a live audience in a rock / alternative venue, what you should be doing is trying to "catch the bounce". What this means is to make your songs as easy as possible to bounce to, because when people go out to clubs they just wanna have a good time. So have your bouncy live songs so people will associate your band with having a good time. Then have your mellow and or impressive songs on your cd along with the bounce ones. So when people go home to listen, they find that there is much more depth to your song writing.


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