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Crown Royal sponsored The "Wear Your Crown" Freestyle Cipher for "I dO Music" October. The winner was a young brother by the name of Ray_EL. We caught up with the versatile one to find out how he makes music happen.


How long have you been rhyming?

My first rhyme was in 1st grade "My name is Ray-Ray and I don't Play Play" HaHa. My older siblings will probably never let me forget it. I'm almost 20 so that's about 15 years if you want to count that; but I've been rhyming with intent for 7.

Who are your influences?

(In no particualar order) Mos Def, Hov, Snoop, Biggie, KRS-ONE, Nas, Method Man, RedMan, Luda's 'Word of Mouth", 3 stax and I cant forget Busta Rhymes, oldest bro put me up on that in kindergarten (WooHah!! Got You All in Check).

Do you have any projects currently out?

NO, I'm working on one now for no later than Jan 1. I'm doing most of the tracks on it, with a couple guests (I am also a producer, a songwriter and arranger). I've recently been working on getting songs and beats placed on albums and mixtapes while sharpening my skill set
when it comes to engineering.

How did you get involved with the "IdOMusic" program?

I was a performer at The Art Institute of Atlanta 9/11 tribute and Showcase hosted by Grammy U and when I saw the shirts everywhere it pretty much clicked that I should be going to it. I spoke with Oz Banga, Cookie and a couple others and gathered that it would definitely be a great vibe and a strong networking tool.

What do you most like about the "IdOMusic" program?

You never know WHO you'll meet! The setting makes it easy to connect with hardworking people of all the trades that go into bringing out a great musical product; from graphic designers to engineers.

If you could say one thing to the artists, producers, songwriters, and
musicians that haven't gotten involved with "IdOMusic yet, what would
it be?

...GO!!!! Also, if I don't meet you feel free to e-mail me, (My site is being designed courtesy of 'VisualSmack. Check them out!)


Ok, thats two things; the second being something that I learned at

My Crash Landing and Badika of Venus - Ray EL by Ray_EL

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