Tuesday, August 25

Bringing Music Back to Life

So we've ALL heard the statement, 'Hip Hop is Dead' thrown around a lot lately.

Artists such as Soulja Boy, and many other auto-tuning bandwagon musicians have had to defend themselves and their music after becoming scapegoats for the apparent battered state of the Hip-Hop sound. But the Urban community aren't the only ones crying "I remember when...!"

Pioneers in Rock 'n' Roll are just as concerned about the future of their beloved genre. So this leads me to ask the following. Are current music lovers just refusing to accept the inevitable evolution of music, or is music as we know just DOOMED??? Read on, form an opinion for yourself, and don't forget to comment!

What will save rock 'n' roll?
By Todd Leopold

Steven Van Zandt, guitarist to Rock 'n' Roll icon Bruce Springsteen, talks about the end of a golden age: [Rock 'n' roll] is a craft that has to be learned," he tells CNN. "There are things you learn by listening to great records, copying heroes." He believes that he said some things that people were thinking, but haven't said out loud.

But the rumbles are out there. The music business is in a state of flux, with the sales of more profitable CDs continuing to fall even as single downloads climb. "American Idol's" season is coming to an end, with rock purists once again assailing the show's slick pop sensibility. Commercial radio, country, rap and hip-hop -- they all have their critics, many of them wishing a return to the way things used to be....

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