Tuesday, August 25

From The Soundboard To The Scoreboard

Written by Rhyan Roxx

The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rogers spent this summer making passes on the field and in the music industry.

Ted Thompson, General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, and head coach Mike McCarthy traded the teams leading quarterback, Brett Farve, last summer after noticing that Rogers was ready to take the team to the next level. But Rogers had another plan in mind.

The 25-year-old quarterback and friend, Rhyan Zachary, recently partnered together to create their own alternative rock music label, Suspended Sunrise Recordings.

Rogers believed the new label was the perfect opportunity to hone his musical talents. He not only has a love for music, but he is also a self taught guitarist.

When asked how the duo came up with the name, Rogers responded, “We came up with the name Suspended Sunrise because when you think of a sunrise, its’s suspended in the air, suspended in time. It’s a cool image because it represents the beginning of a new day. Anything can happen.”

“Joy In Tomorrow”, an Atlanta based Indie/Rock group, was the first duo to sign with Suspended Sunrise Recordings.

Rogers is amongst several NFL players who have invested time and money into the music industry. Bob Whitfield, former Offensive Tackle for the Atlanta Falcons, is the CEO and co-founder of Patchwerk Recording Studios. Also, Craig Terrill, Defensive Tackle for the Seattle Seahawks, is the lead singer of an American rock band, called the Craig Terrill Band.

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  1. Congratulations on the new venture! I'm happy to see Aaron use his musical as well as football talents. Music will last a lot longer than football! Just one request--could you change the Rogers to Rodgers? His parents may want to claim him--he's a pretty neat guy, and they spell their name with the "d" in it:-)
    I wish you all the best! Blessings, Jane

  2. Haha. Another reason to hate Aaron Rodgers! Just watching his interview lastnight showed how cocky he is, even though he has done nothing to be cocky about. 6-10? Nice... "a sunrise is suspended in air.... Suspended in time." Wow. That.was.retarded. Stop attempting to be poetic, you are just proving that you are a douche. My advice to him; Learn how to play football before you learn how to run a business.

  3. Also, the only record he would ever break is if he stepped on his own CD:)

  4. How do I get to Suspended Sunrise Recording there is no link


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