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August 2009

This edition of IDM was like none before with a brand new lineup to mix things up and get the creative juices flowing. To start the night off, our esteemed panelists hit the stage to give everyone some sound advice about the music world. Our experts for the evening included Jodi Cantonis of Muzak, Jeff Ivans, formerly of EMI Music Marketing, Carl Gillespie of Fresh MLK Strategy and Branding, and David Lenton of CL5 Promotions and Marketing.

They talked about advantages of DIY Marketing such as designing your own unique buzz and brand. Major record labels are still relevant in today's music industry if you want crossover appeal but if you want to focus on building relationships and musical freedom take the route of small or indie record labels. Educate yourself on all aspects of the industry including publishing, marketing, management, and live touring.

After the panel the networking kicked off throughout the crowd along with spotlight interviews by Miss Juice. She will now do on the spot interviews of producers, songwriters, engineers, artist, label reps, and other industry professionals followed by snippets of their music. A lot of great networking went on and connections were definitely made in the crowd. In the middle of the networking session, Miss juice made the Big I dO MUSIC announcement...we're moving to The Loft at Centerstage on September 3rd.

Immediately following the big news the performances kicked off. Siya lit up the stage with her 3 song snippet performance followed by our feature artist, Verse Simmonds. Next was the 16 year old phenomenon, Glo, who performed with a very fly and flashy dance group to his song, "Oxy Clean." Jae B smoothed the night out with his ode to "Pretty Girls All Around The World" and Judicial with his song "She Can Get It."

The new format certainly brought new faces to the event. Thanks to all of the attendees for showing your support and Apache Cafe for providing I dO MUSIC with a home for the past 2 years. The quest to Empower Musicians Worldwide continues next month at The Loft!!

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