Thursday, July 30

When's The Last Time You Been Out??

These People "dO Music"... Do You?

Imagine having more than 20 different contacts to choose from the next time you needed a songwriter, a producer, an artist, a studio engineer or even a musician or two. "I dO Music" is a tool specifically created for people who "dO Music" allowing them to network with one other. In addition, every month we host some of the best music business panels in the city with topics ranging from how to get your music on film scores to finding a management team that 'werks' for you!

Wether you're looking to Network, Learn, Promote, or Perform...If you are serious about your music career this event is a MUST ATTEND!!

August 6th @ 8pm

Think Global, Werk Local
Building your music brand globally, alternative distribution outlets, and online platforms

Jodi Cantonis, Muzak
Jacqueline Powers, Sony Music
Jeff Ivan, (Former) EMI Music Marketing
Carl Gillispie, Fresh MLK Media Strategy + Branding


(Feature Performance by...)
VERSE, Konvict/SRC/Universal Motown

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