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The SunTrust Sports and Entertainment Specialty Group

The SunTrust Sports and Entertainment Specialty Group is something worth looking into for those artists, songwriters, record companies, and others in the entertainment industry looking for financial advisement.

SunTrust Sports and Entertainment Specialty Group provides some of the following benefits.

  • Intellectual property/royalty lending
  • Short-term tour financing
  • Royalty deposits and effective cash management
  • Aircraft, yacht, or multiple home financing1
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial guidance

A Financial Team That Understands Your Career

As team players, they work with you, your family, agent, attorney, business manager and any other advisors you may have. They are familiar with income that can change drastically from year to year with new contracts or the financing needs you may face before a tour. Above all else, they have music industry professionals who understand your strong need for discretion and confidentiality.

Intellectual Property/Royalty Lending

Songwriters and producers frequently borrow money from SunTrust to bridge the gap between payment cycles. Because of their extensive experience, they are often able to consider intellectual property and/or future royalty payments as solid collateral for loans.

Short-Term Tour Financing

They understand both the cost – and the ultimate payoff – of putting your show on the road. They also know that the grueling schedule of concert tours combined with precious time away from loved ones can create undue stress in a performer’s life. With short-term concert tour financing from SunTrust, there is one less thing for you to worry about.

Royalty Deposits and Effective Cash Management

Royalty checks, cash income from merchandise sales, and other cash payments need to be managed effectively. They offer cash sweep programs to help you maximize your current income, while giving you easy access to your money – when you need it most.

Aircraft, Yacht, or Multiple Home Financing

Multiple homes are common among music industry professionals, and traditional mortgages are rarely appropriate. They can structure customized financing deals that meet your desires for a second home1, a private jet, or a trip around the world.

Retirement Planning

Retirement in your business can come at an early age. Their music industry professionals are specially trained to help those in the music business achieve financial independence that can last a lifetime, no matter when they choose to retire.

Financial Guidance

As your trusted financial partner, they believe it is their responsibility to provide expert advice and education on spending, saving, borrowing, and planning for your future – before, during, and after your peak earning years.

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