Friday, July 10

Photos and Recap from I dO MUSIC July 2007!

Last Thursday we kicked off our Independence edition of I dO MUSIC. While artist interviews took place with Miss Juice, Dj Teknology paid homage to Michael Jackson with a full on assault of all the old classic MJ records playing in the background.

After interviews the "I dO BEATS" segment kicked off with music by Dr.Digirock, Rock Gee, 21, Gifted, and ManBeast recieving big responses from the audience.

Featured performers for the night included acoustic guitarist/singer Zayani, R&B Pop singer and dancer Glorie, and the male duos Perfect Dissonance and Da Writers. All performances provided hope for the future of music providing diversity, thoughtful lyrics, musicianship, showmanship, and perfect harmonies.

This month's topic was "WERKing Your Way UP!(From Internships to Paid Gigs...How to Break into this Tough Industry)."
The featured panelist included:

Tmah,VP of A&R, Konvict Muzik
Frances Crawford, Client Relations, Patchwerk Recording
Angela Young, Evening Manager, Patchwerk Recording Studio
Brittney King, Executive Assistant, Chris Hicks
Evita G. Kaigler, Entertainment Attorney

Questions presented included, "What are good qualities to have if you are trying to break into the music industry?" Each guest gave their respective answers, such as humility, loyalty, and a willingness to learn, but the main message from Evita was to be a BEAST. Whatever you are attempting to do, a person should never sleep on any situation but actually make the situation work for them.

Thanks to everyone who came out and we will definitely have something special in store for you next month when the #1 Networking Event in The City Returns!

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  1. Glorie did a great job!!! My favorite of the night!!!!! This girl can really sing and dance!!!!!Can't wait to see more of her!!!!

  2. Yeah the Glorie chick was the highlight of the evening the two last people who call themselves rappers where garbage!!!!!!

  3. Da Writers did there thang!

  4. Da Writers song "Mend Your Heart" is hott!


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