Thursday, May 28

RT 2 Buy Your Music – Getting Paid Through Twitter

As I described in my previous post, “Subscribe To My…..Mixtape?”, RSS feeds are the wave of the future for delivering and receiving content. I stated that a future scenario for music would entail fans subscribing to your music through feeds. Microblogs are the new social media trend at the current moment. Through real time streams such as Facebook, Jaiku, Plaxo, and Twitter, everyone is partaking in the “What am I doing now?” craze. Though there are infinite sites that cater to this the most popular is without a doubt – Twitter. Twitter is the main attraction all over the world, grabbing attention from high profile celebrities, corporations and venture capitalist. On a communal level, I’m beginning to see more artists use Twitter as a means of engaging with their audience and promoting their music. Subscribing to my content is one thing, but what about selling my content through RSS feeds? Twitpay, a platform that allows recipients to send small payments through Twitter, has introduced a new way to sell your content through Twitter called RT2Buy. If you’re a Twitter fanatic, you’ve probably already guessed that “RT” stands for “ReTweet”. The process for buying and selling content is simple: When you see someone post an RT2Buy tweet, click the link and check out the preview. If you like it, just retweet it, and Twitpay delivers the content. As an artist, with RT2Buy you’re able to promote, advertise and sell your content directly to your Twitter following. This cuts out the task of trying to lure your fans to your website to listen or to buy your music. As the web becomes more intelligent, sites such as Twitpay and RT2Buy will evolve and make it even more convienient for music entrepreneurs.

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