Sunday, May 3

Random Music Thoughts #1

Note book

Keep a notebook in which you can write down songs and thoughts .... it will come to some good use. A small one that fits in purse or pocket can help you save those "great ideas" that occur spontaneously.

Distinctive Sounds

Never be afraid to run vocals through guitar effects, or mike drums through guitar flangers, etc. There are NO RULES and a distinctive sound is what you want.

Defining music

Your definition of music will not always be someone else´s definition of music. Keep an open mind.

Burning MP3s to CDs

For PC users: If you want to burn MP3 files to a CD without converting them to WAV files, use Easy CD Creator 4.0 Deluxe.
For Mac users: Toast handles MP3s like a charm.


"Music is the universal language of mankind." -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What should our name be?

It is VERY common for a new band to go through dozens of names. So don´t stress too hard when thinking of a name for your band. Although the name is important, it is not the only factor to your band. Have fun with the names until you find something you really want to stick with. Be sure to remember that a name is NOT a reason to fight with other band members!

Pricing Your Stuff

When you sell your music equipment, be realistic. Don´t try selling it for the price you paid for it ... you wouldn´t buy used stuff for the new price, would you? Go at least 20% lower.

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