Thursday, January 17

Keeping In Touch With Your Tour

Say hello to perhaps one of the most important resources a touring musician could ever have.  The app called Tourch is only found on iPhones will be your new best friend. It is a mobile application created to make musicians life easier when it comes to handling merchandise, touring, etc.

Tourch accounts and tracks all of your merchandise sales on any given night of your tour. A great way to keep organized and up to date with how much merchandise you're going through and how much you need to keep on hand.

This becomes a must have for any tour manager considering you can create multiple accounts for each artist and/or band being handled.

There is a journal section so that you can track things such as:

-load-in & load out information
-club owner dynamics
-how the show went
-photos of your receipts, venues, band mates, audiences, etc

Expense: Keep track of your expenses on the road & export your information to a spreadsheet to manage your Profit & Loss

Category totals: Keep track of your different merchandise categories and how much you sold over the course of the night. Create quick recaps of how many CD's your sold, how many t-shirts you sold etc. Find all these categories in one place!

Product totals: Keep track of your different product totals including CD's, t-shirts, hats, USB drives, books, etc.

The key to heading out on tour is thorough organization and now we have an app that can make it 10X easier to execute! This is an app well worth the $5 considering what you get in return.

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