Tuesday, July 31


Are you "getting to work" with your music career, or have you stopped and you're waiting for someone else to do it for you?

  • Music: Are you performing the song you love, or the song your audience loves?
  • Image: Do you represent well? Do people see the artist you claim to be?
  • Stage Plan: Song choice, band or track, dancing or dancers, styling for stage...
  • Audience: Getting them there, connecting, engaging, creating followers vs. watchers.
  • The Cost: Have you considered the relationship between the artist you are and the person you are? Does it really work for the success of your music plans? Can it work?

This Saturday, August 4th, @ Patchwerk you will "get to work" with April Showers. You'll leave with practical and valuable tips to support your music career! We will talk about the tops 5 areas of Artist Development as outlined in the music career guide, "The Get To Workbook!"

Additionally, attendees to this weekends Werkshop will be able to purchase a copy of the workbook for a special rate of $20.00. This book is not designed for beginners. Only serious music professionals with a vision and a plan (or desire to plan) are ready to use the guide for some effective WORK!!

See ya Saturday!
DON'T STOP! "Get To Work"
April Showers


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