Tuesday, January 11

Numark Turns iPad Into DJ Console

The Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada always has the latest in technology and this year was no different. It is amazing to see where technology has evolved today's dj. Numark iDJ Live is the latest hardware device utilizing for the iPad with two turntables and a mixer, which controls an DJ app on the iPad.

What appears to be a toy is actually quite a powerful device. It has the ability needed for scratching, cross fading, setting cue points and tapping the touch sensitive vinyl to stop it from "spinning."

The iPad acts as the brain, processor, and touchscreen of the system. All that is needed is the hardware which is being retailed at $99.

How do you feel about this new piece of technology? Will we have a league of iPad Dj's soon?

What's your take... leave your comments below.

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