Monday, December 27

20 Things You NEED To Know About Working With A Record Producer

YOU CAN SPEND YEARS developing a distinctive sound and style before finally getting the opportunity to record your first album professionally. All the hard work you’ve put into creating a unique, original sound, however, may not be enough to create a successful record. Producing a great album is an art form in itself, and it requires the assistance of an experienced professional producer—a producer can actually make or break your career. The right collaboration can take you to creative places you never imagined, but the wrong one can be a nightmare whose implications are far-reaching. Understanding a few things about how to choose the right record producer can therefore be vital to your career!

Below are twenty important tips to consider when choosing your record producer. Logically, not every topic can apply to both “signed” and “unsigned” recording artists, so pick the points that best suit your needs.

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