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REVIEW: Music University 2010 Fall Semester @ PWR

Music University Fall 2010 Semester

Review by "The Broken Record"

Patchwerk Recording Studios is not just your ordinary studio. They strive to not only stay sonically superior but also to aid aspiring artists and musicians in gaining a better grasp of the music industry. On November 7th Patchwerk and IdOMusic® hosted the Fall 2010 Semester of their bi-annual Music University Event. There were 4 “classes” that “students” were involved in throughout the day including Business Class, Marketing Class, Creators Class, and a Listening Lab. For a relatively small cost, attendees were filled with information ranging from “Making Money in the New Music Business” to “The Anatomy of a HIT” all from esteemed members of the music community.

MU Panelists or “Instructors”
Business Class: Crystal Jones-Consulting & Creative Design Firm at Silver Starr Art Studios LLC, Janet Wade-Music Clearance & Licensing for TV/Film at Turner Entertainment Group, Catherine Brewton-VP of Urban Music at BMI, Johnnie Cabbell-Manager/Booking Agent at Hitt Afta Hitt Entertainment

Marketing Class: Cannon Kent-Southeast Promotions Manager at Atlantic Records, Kevin Rivers-Founder & CEO at Watunes, Ms. Rivercity-Editor of Ozone Magazine

Creators Class: Dondria-So So Def Recording Artist, Midnight Black-Award-winning producer/songwriter, Ray Seay-Award-winning recording engineer

Listening Lab: Lee Cagle-Program Director at Cox Radio, DJ Trauma-Disc Jockey, DJ Rasta Root-Hip Hop DJ

The Business Class panelists discussed various ways of making money to finance your musical dream. When asked what exactly does an independent artist gain by signing to a major label, it was a resounding “Not much.”

The main points in this class:
-Go into internships as if they were a paid gig and SHOW OUT!
-Don’t wait to blow up with a major label because you can actually do more on your own.
-Formula to succeed on a budget…build a fan base, create a brand virally through YouTube, merchandising, etc.), look beyond a deal for success, do as many open mics as possible to get known, and use club promoter connections to build your rep.
*The #1 reason for artists failing in the industry: Letting the money and fame get to their head.*

Next on the syllabus was the all important Marketing Class. The panelists were on hand to discuss how to adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing environment. The do’s & don’ts of Twitter and other social media sites were explained in depth such as DO interact with people via Twitter vs. just following them and DON’T just engage your followers…tweet new people and interact to build your fanbase and get acknowledgement from other industry professionals. Mobile marketing is new now…getting your app’ on phones.

Creators Panel - Led by a panel comprised of an artist, a producer, and an engineer, this discussion was fueled by all the creative juices that were flowing in the room. When asked how to keep business as an engineer, Ray Seay reminded us to not be “out of site, out of mind.” Have a weekly call list to producers and artists to see if they need your work. Also, engineers must be more open-minded to producers and more conscious of the creative process to incorporate all ideas. One of the main points stated by singer/songwriter Dondria was that “when you get on, you have to still work like you’re not on.”

Probably the most fun part of the entire day was the Listening Lab in which attendees of MU got their own music reviewed by prominent industry professionals. You may ask, “What does a radio program director look for in hit songs for radio?” The answer from Lee Cagle…local sales numbers, if the clubs like the record, and are other radio stations playing it. Tip for DJs to play your record…talk to the DJs that go on before the main DJ. You have a better shot with them to get your records played if you come with clean/radio edit material. Overall, make sure that you are getting non-biased opinions about your music when people listen and be able to take constructive criticism well.

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