Thursday, October 28

No More IdOMusic® Events In 2010 (But We'll Be Back Soon!)

If you haven't already heard, there will not be any IdOMusic® Networking Events in November and through the rest of the year. We will definitely miss you as much as you will miss us! But don't fret - we are not gone for good!! After 3-years (That's 36 consecutive months!!) of bringing you non-stop quality networking, showcasing, and learning opportunities we are taking sometime to re-organize, fine tune, and re-oil the machine you all have grown to love and trust. Over the years we have seen a countless amount of talent showcase on our stages and have engaged hundreds, and even totaling thousands of aspiring artists, songwriters, producers, and entrepreneurs who have attended the events and entrusted IdOMusic® to help them move their careers forward. Below are just some of the testimonials we've received from musicians that have attended the events since 2007. To get updates and find out when the next IdOMusic® Networking Event will be signup for our email list by clicking here

IdOMusic® has been a tremendous help to me since my first visit. This event has been very instrumental in helping me jumpstart my music career. It allowed me to congregate with people who have the same goals as I do. This really helped build my confidence. IdOMusic® also allowed me to network and show off my talents simultaneously. This allowed me to collaborate with more talented people, and helped me take my music to the next level. I surely hope they continue funding this event so that it may help others the same way it helped me. -Be Patientz

"I do music" is a great event for up and coming artists to get a taste of what the music business is actually like these days, and also get a chance to showcase their talents. I think it is a great way for new artists/producers to get insight on how things really work in the industry by listening to established panel members. -Drew Dover (Professional Drummer)

I werked it hard for 15 MONTHS and got producer contacts, photography clients, my SESAC affiliation, artist development (from industry eyes) & met other artist, like myself, that prove hip-hop still lives! I DO MUSIC -2Krunk

I have been fortunate to attend I Do Music for a number of years .... In doing so, I must say that I have gained so much knowledge, opportunities, and a network of individuals in the music industry. Since the day I showcased for I Do Music my opportunities have only grown and so have my production skills. I’m able to network with other producers, songwriters, artist, and a number of media outlets. I Do Music is the premier music event in Atlanta hands down. They have provided so many opportunities to those who create music or would like to work in the industry. I Do Music is a family, a brand, and most importantly making a difference. Thank You -Taylor Made It

"IdOMusic has provided an incredible system of opportunity and inspiration by getting the people at the top of their game to come out and share their story and their knowledge of what it was like coming up...Patchwerk is really doing a great thing here." -Ben Martin (musician)

I was always hearing about the IdoMusic program from the people I ran into at gigs, studio, and various music activies around town. I met people from the program, not even being involved, so I gave it a shot, and my network instantly increased. IdoMusic for me, has given me insight to the "on the verge" artist and insight on the Atlanta music scene. -Vinson Baker

I do Music was a wonderful experience, full of creative energy. I felt privileged to be in the presence of so many talented individuals from all over the world. I still find myself using the notes and contacts gathered at the event. The panel discussions were full of invaluable information and expertise to assist in navigating through the wonderful world of music. I recommend I do music events without reservation to anyone seeking information on the music industry or just looking to create mutually beneficial relationships that will last a lifetime. -Brooke Smith

Attending I Do Music and Music University over the last two years has allowed me to network with industry professionals as well as peers in the music industry. I've been able to collaborate with and learn from several producers & songwriter's in Atlanta. Also, as an Audio Engineering student at SAE Institute of Technology, I have been able to record and mix projects for artists & producers I've met at these events. If you're serious about Music, then attending I Do Music and Music University will definitely benefit you and your career. -Braddon Calloway

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