Thursday, September 30

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter

Are you looking to record quality vocals but can't afford to invest in sound-treatment? It takes alot of time, money, and effort in building a quality vocal booth or control/mix-room. If you are an artist who records lots of vocals, than the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter is your best solution to reduce room ambience in untreated recording areas. I've checked reviews on most websites from to, and these have received all positive reviews. It makes a huge difference in your recordings and you will be glad that you purchased one of these. The cost is $299 plus tax, but I encourage buyers to print out a coupon through Guitar for 10% off and you can get it for a little cheaper. Not everyone has the budget or space to work in a perfectly "tuned" and treat acoustic space. But that doesn't mean you can't sound great. sE Electronics Reflection Filter does a wonderful job of making your mic sound better, because its six different layers diffuse the sound waves around the mic. It mounts to any mic stands and you can take this portable acoustic treatment into other rooms or to other locations.

sE Electronics Reflection Filter Features:

- Portable
- Affordable
- Easy to use
- Improves the acoustic quality of your recording space without permanent treatment
- Coloration: Approx. 1dB
- Actual weight: 8 lbs.
- Filter dimensions: 14-1/2" across, 12" high, 8" deep
- Mounting mechanism: 8" maximum, 16" across
- Warranty: Two years through

Super Producer Zaytoven uses one of these in his studio along with many others. Having one of these along with a great mic and good pre-amp should get you the best vocals for your money. I always encourage people to do their research before they just throw their money in the air. People like to put bad reviews on a product that they have no idea how to use or are not satisfied. If you can try to test one of these through a friend, co-worker, or anybody who owns one, than do it. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. I've been using this reflection shield for about 6 months now and it was well worth it... I get a much better sound using it!!


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