Tuesday, September 21

Review for BEATS by Dre and MONSTER

So I purchased a pair of the white Beats by Dre & MONSTER at the apple store about two weeks ago. These headphones run about $299 plus tax at most places, so be ready to spend a little bit of your savings. Many people talk about the price of these headphones being way to high. I agree on a small scale but you have to realize that there are headphones out there that cost around $1,000-$2,000. So if your trying to talk about the most expensive headphones than they are NOT the Beats. After using them for about a little while now, I must say if you are a music maker or music lover, you will love these headphones for various reasons.
If I rated these headphones out of a score of 10, I would rate them at a 9. Why not a 10? As much as I love the Beats, the sound leakage is ridiculous. I’ve read reviews on many sites and most people also complain about the sound leakage. I use these headphones to mix and create hip-hop production so I’m actually okay with the sound leakage. If you are listening to music at a high volume, the person sitting next to you will most likely tell you to turn it down. Also be CAUTIONED that if you DO NOT take care of these headphones properly they will break just like any other product. I hear few complaints about the headphones being cheaply made and breaking on them after about 2-3 months. Are you kidding me? If you are not using them it’s probably a good idea to put them back in the case that is provided with the headphones. You did spend a little over $300 of your hard-earned money right? Take care of them and these headphones could last for a very long time. I believe MONSTER did a great job of designing to make sure that the Beats were quality and durable. All right since I got the negative stuff out of the way, lets get into the fun side of these headphones.
So the headphones come in white or black. The white is only sold at Apple stores or Apple online. I personally got the white ones because I didn’t want finger grease to be noticeable, where on the black ones you can clearly see smudges all around. So I give a plus on MONSTER for coming out with the white Beats. These headphones also fold up together and fit nicely with the black case that is provided. I really like how MONSTER did a good job putting on a shiny gloss coat over the white paint. This makes it harder for your Beats to get scratched unless you drop them on concrete or such. As everyone knows these are pretty stylish in the way they look. Many celebrities support these headphones from basketball players to major artists in the game. You will definitely gain attention from others because these are some of most fashionable headphones out in the market.
Let me mention that these headphones require 2 AA batteries to power them. I’ve used the 2 AA batteries that came with it for about a month and they are still running. I turn the power switch off every-time I stop listening to save battery power. To install the batteries you would go to the left side of the headphone and with two fingers turn the “b” clock-wise to open the compartment. They drain a lot of battery so make sure to turn them off when you are done. A really cool feature is on the right side of the headphone, you can push/hold in the “b” and it will mute your music.
The sound quality is one of the best parts about these headphones. They are crisp on the highs, mids, and very good lows. Test the Beats with some of your old headphones and you can definitely tell that Beats are 10x cleaner. It adds a whole new element to the music that you are listening too. I just have to say it makes your music that much more enjoyable. Imagine listening to every song the way that the artist wants you to hear it. All the details and elements of the music come to life where it brings you into the music. I listened to Dr. Dre’s “Chronic 2001” and Jay Z’s “Blue Print” and all I have to say is WOW!!! WOW!!!! All various genres from Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop to R&B sound great. Some of the few negative critics can’t bash these headphones in because these are some of the best headphones you will have for $300. You can’t get much more better than what the Beats have to offer. Why spend $50 or $1,000 for a pair of headphones where one is under priced with quality and the other over priced with overhyped quality? The best way to know is to try all the different headphones at a store near you and get a feel for the pair you like. You be the final judge when it comes to spending your money because I guarantee if you do enough research you will be happy with your purchase of the Beats by Dre.

- - Black or White BEATS
- - Black BEATS case (steady and durable)
- - MONSTER cable (Red)
- - MONSTER cable (Black) for your iphone and other smart-phones
- - Cleaning cloth
- - MONSTER headphone jack
- - 2 AA batteries
- - Instruction booklet w/ other useful information

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  1. I wish I had the cash to scoop up a pair of those 'phones. I bet you are right though, the Sennheiser HD280 Pro are a great set of headphones for only $100 but I bet that these are probably better than those. Who knows. I'll have to get me a pair.

    Thanks for the review man, I learned a lot. Keep up that music.


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