Tuesday, June 22

Teach Your EAR to "sit" and "roll over"

Why train your ear? To put it plainly, to polish your craft. Music itself is a way to evoke emotions in others (sometimes without speaking a single word). Think of how in movies when something crucial is happening, you automatically hear the music and it evokes a feeling in you that makes you aware of what is about to happen. All music does this.

Minor keys can make you feel sad; may be ideal for a sad song; Major keys make you happy. The important thing to realize is that music is a physiological tool that should be used to your advantage. With that being said, with a trained ear you can reach so many audiences and add a variety of elements to any piece to make yours stand out from everyone else’s.

Looking for the next step to polishing your craft or getting your tracks to the next level? Train your ear and see what you start to notice. After some training, apply that same knowledge into your own and watch the final product blossom into an irreplaceable masterpiece. Some ear training can be found here so LISTEN UP!

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