Sunday, March 21

Who Is Sam Adams???

The city of Boston is laying claim to yet another Sam Adams: an upstart Trinity College rapper who emerged from virtual obscurity when his primarily self-produced EP, "Boston's Boy," debuted atop iTunes' hip-hop digital albums chart.

Outpacing the sales of hip-hop superstars like Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled, the 22-year-old's set sold nearly 8,000 digital copies in its first week. Adams' single, "I Hate College" -- a remix of the Asher Roth hit "I Love College," in which Adams raps about "blowing trees" and "getting laid" -- has tallied more than 1 million views on YouTube. He also counts more than 25,000 Facebook friends and close to 2,000 followers on Twitter.

"I was in my room and the instrumental [of Asher Roth's song] was playing," says Adams (born Samuel Adams Wisner) as he recalls the origins of "I Hate College." "I hated it at first, then I was humming it to myself. Then the humming turned into this catchy tune. The song isn't a dis to Asher; I was excited when he came out because he was another white kid doing well. I just ended up loving that beat." It has been viewed on YouTube more than 1 million times.

Only a few songs into recording his yet-untitled hip-hop/electronic/dance debut album due in late 2010, Adams is already in talks with multiple labels, including Atlantic, Universal Motown, Interscope, Sony, Jive and E1. He's also set to open for fellow rappers Drake, Kid Cudi and LMFAO in the coming months.


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