Wednesday, March 24

M.U. 7 Panelist Profiles: Rocko

In 2002, Rocko started Rocky Road, a development company that allowed him to play a role in every aspect of budding artists’ growth. “I was infatuated with the way people produced music form scratch, how you go in and make something out of nothing,” says Rocko. “I kinda like feel in love with that whole idea. I wanted to learn how to write and format songs and make beats.”

In early 2006, Rocko decided it was time to become the artist he had always hoped to develop. “I knew I had the swagger to pull it off,” he says. “I was seeing all these guys who were not really who they said they were and getting away with it so I was like, ‘Ok, if it’s that easy, lemme do me.’”

Rocko immediately reached out to all the key people who he had built relationships with throughout his years in the music business. He recorded songs with Rick Ross, and Jim Jones and occasionally leaked a song or two to test his product. “Once I realized that people were feeling me I just went out and hit the streets real hard,” says the resourceful MC who recorded his hit “Umma Do Me” in August of ‘06. “I just started emailing the record out and going through different markets and promoting. We would be passing out CDs and posters and going out partying and making sure they played my song. The buzz just started to grow and before I knew it ‘Umma Do Me’ was at like 300 spins.”

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