Thursday, January 7

FREE Music? Update

It is common knowledge, at least in some corners of Internet punditry, that consumers no longer want to pay for music. Music must be free, right? Not quite. Music doesn't need to be free as long as people are still willing to pay for it. And according to Nielsen, consumers are still willing to pay for music. It turns out 57% of global online consumers have or would consider paying for music. Now, 57% may seem low, but it tied with theatrical movies for the No. 1 spot on a list of media products. Games was third at 51%, magazines were fifth at 49%, newspapers were sixth at 42% and radio was eighth at 32% (NielsenWire)

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  1. Irritation! I get so frustrated when someone around me says, " Man, I don't pay for music". All I can ever say to that is, "Don't say that in front of me please". People act like making music is not a job. I download too, I'm not going to play innocent, but if you put out a quality project I will support it. Whether it be me purchasing it, putting out a good word, or even influencing others to buy it; I will. The only thing that I believe that is hindering good music is the music that isn't as good. As far as quality, that is. If you make club music, make club music, but make it great. Refrain from overdone beats and cliches; be creative and you're dedication to your craft will not only be apparent but shine through your music.


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