Tuesday, January 5

Competition... I think not.

Adam Rabinovitz, marketing VP for indie digital distributors IODA (and MIDEM 2010 conference speaker), claims in this guest post that although the industry may now be open to all, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

Bruce Houghton’s recent MIDEM(Net) Blog post discusses how everyone is now in the music business, saying “Bad News: everyone is your competitor.” While that is more true today than ever before, it is also true that almost anyone could be your partner and ally. I often refer to this as “marketing mutualism” – where a common goal and interest aligns two entities in a way that allows them to explore and perfect their reasons for working together.

Some companies will partner based on need, some based on possibility, and others based on demand. Not every partnership is going to prove itself in the immediate term, and not every new product is going to change the world, but by developing shared goals, testing new models and sharing and adjusting strategy based on the results, this approach will surely influence how quickly we can continue to drive innovation and growth in our industry. 2009 has been a very exciting year for new products entering the market, but we’ve really only just touched the surface of what is possible.

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  1. This article definitely gives me a lot of food for thought. It makes a serious valid point that I have recognized. People always rant and rave on how the music industry is dead or a dying industry but no one realizes that its not dead its just changing. We've obviously been massacred by the digital download, but its all looking so bleak because we have yet to find multiple ways to adjust to new technologies. Some people have opened up to new ideas and are willing to adapt, and others are stuck in their ways. I believe that if we embrace the changes in our industry, we will be able to allow it to develop to its full potential; instead of thinking of the music industry as a hinderance.


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