Saturday, October 24

Where Should That Drum Sound Sit in the Mix?

Thought all you producer/engineers would appreciate the following diagram showing you where your different drum sounds should sit in the mix as far as frequency is concerned. You can edit frequencies of your sounds with any sound editing program such as Protools. The vertical range denotes the frequency your should use and the horizontal plane denotes the range of panning you should employ. Enjoy...

(Click to Enlarge)

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  1. Interesting! I like to abuse my drums too badly to do this kind of thing normally, but that'd be a great reference chart for, for example, multi-mic'ing a jazz combo's drum kit or any live show multitrack recording.

  2. I like your set up, although I dont really like to have seperate mics for the cymbals. I personally like just two over heads and a room good room mic for cymbals. But I do like to have two mics on the hats. Putting the mics at the bottom of the rack toms seems a bit strange but I'll def try it out to see.

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