Friday, September 18

Smart Business = Free Money!

Past I dO Music panel alum, Kia Shine, recently proved how he is at the top of his game. According to Shine, he has publishing rights to 25% of Drake's hit record, 'The Best I Ever Had.' Apparently, Shine created the original version of the song for Lil Wayne some time back. He sent his music out and a year or so later, hears parts of the hit record that sound very familiar to his (Shine's) original track.

Now, if Shine had NOT been business savvy and registered his music, he'd be sitting on the sidelines watching someone else reap the rewards! No one could have guessed that the record would grow into what it is now. And that's the key. You never know.

The moral: Don't WAIT to get your business in order. Start now, while you don't have much to lose so that when the pressure is's nothing!

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