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IdM September 2009 Photos and Recap!

Written by ThatGirlDe J

The 2 Year Anniversary of I dO Music turned out to be BIGGER & BETTER than ever! The Loft welcomed us with open arms with one of our largest turnouts. The fusion of performances in between open networking kept everyone invigorated and energized to take their musical careers to the next level. The theme of the panel, "Networking in the Music Business," gave attendees tips on building and making the most of their online and offline netwerks.

Panelist included:

Mo Reilley, On Air Personality 95.5 The Beat
JaWar, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Internet Marketing Specialist
Nina Brown, Producer for the Frank & Wanda Morning Show on V103
Laura Giles, partner of Music Business Politics Entertainment Marketing Firm

Nina Brown spoke mainly about knowing the key players in the music game. Do your research on people because that shows your respect for them, and they will in turn show their respect to you. Industry people have already been "broken" in this industry, so they will not let just anybody into the future of the industry. JaWar's 3 Step Success System 1)Think 2)Plan 3)Execute was reiterated with plenty of other messages throughout he night. He quoted Einstein when saying that, "If you find all the ways that do not work, then you are bound to find the way that does. Everyone wants to be a part of the winning team so START WINNING!" Mo Reilley spoke about how her mastery of networking has not only landed her multiple jobs but also a brand new car..for FREE! Laura Giles stated you should come at things from a unique angle and always acknowledge that you can learn from other people.

Other notes from the panel included:
  • You must stay creative with your hustle while staying committed to your grind!
  • Do things that other people are not willing to do as long as it does not jeopardize your integrity.
  • When trying to get into the industry, you can't come off as if someone owes you something.
  • Once you get off the bench and get into the game, you do NOT drop the ball!
The performances was live with Stanza from his 106 & Park appearance, shutting the stage down with his classics "A Million Dollars" and "A-Town Love." Promise brought out the flash with her dancers and awesome outfits. Joe Billz performed his crowd favorite "Why Don't You Call" and introduced his newest song "Dreamin." Fervor rocked the house like only a rock band can. Our two features brought Verse & Young Joc performing the radio sensation hit "Buy You A Round." The Swagg Team came out with Young Joc to perform tracks off the mixtape "Grind Flu. I.L finished the night off with his electrifying performance of "Celebrity."

The new venue certainly brought new faces to our event. Thanks to all of the attendees for showing your support and The Loft for providing I dO MUSIC with a new home as we continue to EMPOWER MUSICIANS WORLDWIDE!!

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