Monday, August 17

Up & Coming Bands Living Comfortable?

Here's a clip from a very insightful conversation I came across on Linked-IN where an indie band posed a question looking for advice on how to live comfortably while on the come-up (if there's such a thing right?!?)

Question: Please any advice out there? Up and coming band needs guidance to living comfortable with music careers.

Answer: (by Alex De La EspriellaOwner, Quicktrackz Entertainment LLC)

"a good manager that will secure gigs and paid events is a good start. lets b real tho... although it is possible to make money with your music i wouldn't quit your day job until the industry demands it simply because right now its too volatile. wayyy to many paradigm shifts going on. if you can get yourself promoted, under good management, and translate your efforts in to Cash money via the Internet then your ahead of the majority of the pack. i know way too many struggling artists to tell you its a cake walk. however if your smart, tech savvy, and driven enough you'll figure it out and live the dream! also check out its a great website owned and operated by a veteran music manager / agent named John Hartmann. He managed Peter Paul and Mary, America, and Cher just to name a few. 50Years experience and now he teaches music business at prestigious school in LA. get your fans to buy songs direct from your website instead of looking for distribution... that way you keep alll the cash! oh yea... in case you didn't already know its no longer a music business.... its a multimedia business, the music is just one part of the big picture. every release / record should have a YouTube video at the very least... pictures help sell RECORDS! and NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! hope that helps a bit."

Good answer Alex! A lot of aspiring artists and bands don't quite understand what it takes to successfully create and sustain a career in this industry. Hope this helps them put things in perspective! Here's a link to read more from this post on LinkedIn:

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  1. As a manager, how do you set up paid shows for your unsigned, unknown, artist? Not including doing open mics that you pay for.

  2. Tried to hit the link Kervins, but it took me to Linkedin, and this error message:
    "Sorry you are not a member of the group you are trying to access."

    What group is the one the link acesses, (then I can join & read the rest of it)



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