Friday, August 21

A Lil' Piece of Advice from Mr Kervins!

Hey Guys - I recently got a question concerning artist management to my email and I thought I'd share my answer with you.

Question: How does a manager set up payed shows for their artist without first doing open mics, and showcases that they themselves (the manager) payed for out of their pocket? Is there a way without a proper enough buzz? Someone let me know please thanks

Answer: Here's what I would suggest. First off, you shouldn't have to pay for every open mic you do unless the audience size and opportunity is actually worth the fee. Second, it's all about perception marketing. If venue managers and promoters THINK your artist has a following that will come out and support they'll usually be willing to put them on the show for free because of the obvious benefit to them. So the trick is to position your artists' brand where when people think of him/her they assume that he has something going. There's no way promoters are going to just pay your artist to perform without them seeing a direct benefit for them. NO WAY! Try to engage in more "Something for Something" transactions and you'll find yourself booking more paid shows in no time.

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  1. Great advice Kervins. I am an Artist Manager in ATL and I frequent I DO Music every month. no club in the Southeast or anywhere for that matter is going to do something for nothing. If your artist is not going to bring ppl in to buy alcohol (spend money) they won't pay for your artist to perform. No Way! At the same time use creative thinking and marketing to ensure the venue that you can mutually benefit each other.


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