Sunday, June 7

The Art of Diversity

I know you dO music. But what else do you do? I’m constantly coming across artists who only focus on their craft and depend on album sales and touring to make ends meet. In today’s saturated market, competing with a million and one other artists and bands, declining record sales and opportunities to tour becoming slim, where does that leave you in the overall scheme of things? As I mentioned in my previous post, “Changing the Economics of How the Game Is Played”, as artists, you should find creative ways to be distinct and be considered “the only ones who do what you do”. That’s one solution to climbing up the music ladder towards success. What are some other solutions? There are numerous ways that are creative to set yourself apart from the masses. Being diverse is and has always been the key to success in all walks of life. So what is it that you do? Do you rap and sing? Do you rap, sing, and produce? Taking it a step further, what genres of music do you do? Have you considered mixing Hip Hop, Brazilian, Nu Jazz and Alternative? Better yet, outside of music, do you blog, have a podcast or vidcast? If so, what do you talk about? Are you an expert in another field outside of music? I say all of that to say, if you are diverse in areas within and without music, not only will this allow you to stand out among your peers, but this would be a great way to gain a great amount of publicity and allow you to promote on multiple platforms. Look at 50 Cent. When you think of 50 Cent, you don’t think of him as another Hip Hop artist. 50 Cent is a brand that includes film/tv, video games, fashion, vitamin water, and cologne. Look at Kanye West and his musical experience. He mixes Soul, Alternative, Electronica, and 80’s Euro Pop music. That’s the main reason why he’s in a class by himself. Whether you’re multifaceted within or without music, the point is very clear when building your brand and creatively setting yourself apart from your peer – learn and master the art of diversity and you will climb to heights unfathomable as you journey up the music ladder towards success.

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