Tuesday, May 12

Your Personal Tour & Promotions Guide

How familiar are you with the Billboard's Musicians Guide to Tour & Promotions? Well while in the bookstore I caught the magazine that holds a plethora of information if your a musician. The Billboard's Musicians Guide to Tour & Promotion is your answer to obtaining exposure and income in different markets of the country. If your an independent artist or manage artist and you don't have this magazine please stop and think about why. The information is clear as day.

The guide acts as a complete directory of Music Industry Contacts: Disk & Tape Services, Bus & Van Rentals, Radio Stations, Record Stores, Agents, Attorneys, A&R, Managers, Showcases, Clubs, Conferences, Tour Managers, Publications and Web Sites. Perhaps your in a band but don't have a buzz. Maybe you would like to get gigs and get your music heard but don't have a clear plan. Sometimes we are just too lazy to look some of this information up. Well this guide neatly categorizes all you need. On a weekly basis I get calls from various people wanting to know where they can perform and if I have any leads. Don't limit yourself to being local. No disrespect but if you have a calendar on your social network page and it is totally filled with performing at the same venue every week, go pick this magazine up please! Take your show on the road and see how others respond to the music.

Don't let a inconsistent manager or anyone for that matter put restraints on your career. Guides and other books are sitting on the shelf with info for you to soak up. If your reading this and haven't already left to hit your local bookstore then you must be on the road to success and don't need assistance. Either that or you must be attending I dO MUSIC monthly to get the information. Whatever you decide make it happen!

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