Tuesday, May 5

They Know All His Words!!!

A "Star" in The Making. Rappers... take note. Seriously!

This is almost a perfect example of what hard work, the right mentality, and a lot of dedication can get you as an aspiring lyricist. Word is Drake has been putting in a great deal of work for a LOOOONGGG time now. So much that, with lil' Wayne's help, he's now to the point where he sells out shows and not only that but the fans even know EVERY word to his songs. All this and he doesn't even have an official album out!!! For whatever reason, real rappers (as people like to call them) have always had a hard time getting people to recognize them for their lyrics as opposed to their "swag", "surf" or whatever else is stamped as "popular" in the world of commercial music but this story shows that it's still the best way to get the attention you're aiming for as an artist. The following video is a great visual of what happens when hard work meets opportunity and destiny. Hats off to DRAKE....

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  1. damn thats my Degrassi crush
    shit boi get at me cause im also an emcee!


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