Monday, July 14

Putting Together Your Own Tour

1. Booking the Tour

a) The Internet is an incredible resource for touring and booking
Nine times out of ten things are easier and quicker if you approach venues by telephone
c) Before trying to book a venue, talk to other bands
d) The key to successful touring is the buddy system
e) Approach the booker willing to do their job for them
f) Try to be ready for anything, including plenty of flakiness
g) Get everything in writing
h) Be ready to send lots of demos and press kits out to potential bookers

Additional tip: Hire a tour manager

2. Promoting the Tour

a) Assume that every place you play is going to do NOTHING to promote the show
b) Track down local college or private radio and send them your music
c) Is there a local Internet music discussion group or message board? Check them out and let people know you're alive
d) Research local music papers, find a writer that you like and make contact
e) Send friends flyers or posters to put up, or ask them to make some

Additional tip: Get a club list for clubs all over the country

3. Traveling

a) Your chosen vehicle is going to be your home away from home for the duration of your trip so plan accordingly
b) Get something big enough to haul all of your equipment, personal belongings and people enjoy yourself
c) Realize that sometimes a band mate's "funny" habit becomes impossible to deal with on the road, so, think patience and respect
d) Realize that you're spending 95 percent of your day preparing for that half hour where you go out on stage

Additional tip: Don’t set tour cities too far apart

4) Additional tips

  • Book motels in advance
  • Set a budget for each day
  • Collect money after the show as soon as you possibly can.
  • Always keep detailed notes in a database
  • Be flexible but persistent, be organized and be efficient.
  • Look for possible endorsement deals

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